INTEGRA design studio
Architecture, Urban Planning, Investments
Public utility buildings
Extension of the old church buidling - Zawonia near Wroclaw
Residential buildings
Single family home in Suchy Las near Poznan
Iinfrastructure and Industrial investment
Project management, conducting supervision

Selected projects

Military projects

A lot of military projects throughout the country

Project of Archive Military Police in Minsk Mazowiecki (approx. 700 m2), Modernization of the administration building SZI in Warsaw at 97 Jerusalem Avenue (approx. 14 800 m2), remodeling projects barrack buildings (Kazun, Zegrze), General concept KW1024 in Warsaw (approx. 11 acres, 11 buildings covered by the study) and many more ...

About us

INTEGRA Company operates in our current form since 2003. We employ about 15 people and another 40 remain in constant cooperation with our company in the implementation of individual contracts. Our two basic profiles is: development of architectural-building projects and urban planning. Tasks profiles pursue different teams. Since 2004 our company has a security section which allows for execution, processing and storage of classified documents.